That a man of Torveld’s honorable reputation would choose Laurent as the object of his affections was difficult to swallow, but perhaps Torveld admired reptiles.
― C. S. Pacat Captive Prince: Book 1

In celebration of the Penguin release of the first book, I will be having a giveaway soon. Some lucky person will be getting their copy of the book free!

Unfortunately, I have never done a giveaway before so I don’t exactly know if I’ll be able to buy the book for anyone outside of the US. If anyone could help me out with that, it’d be really cool because otherwise this will be a U.S. only giveaway.

EDIT: My lovely friend has just informed me that I can ship worldwide using bookdepository, so this will now be an international giveaway! Give me a couple days to get things in order and then I’ll make the official giveaway post.

Main Points

  • Release Date: April 7th, 2015
  • Ready for Preorder
  • Will contain the extras
  • The releases will not be spaced a year apart!


its done!!!! XDXD i experimented a bit with the hair that never got anywhere and gave up….. -.__-. so cherub-y……..nyahahahahaha XDD demon!damen?




not sure if its a good idea to try finishing this in 2 days XDXDDD lalala handicapped shoulderrr…lalala

laurent has fab new gear cuz i felt like upgrading him looool


I just had the greatest thought. You know how would play a really fucking, badass Regent?

Richard Armitage 


Don’t even tell me you don’t think this is a good idea. 

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