accaflowerart: heeey so i saw there was an anon comment from a girl Marina? I am from Argentina too and I managed to get the books so- idk if she needed help with it i could explain to her how :) that's all. Also I love your blog and captive prince yey ~

That would be great. Thanks!

Hey everyone,

I finally put up the tags page for easier searching. Tell me if you see any problems or have any suggestions.

Also, a reminder that the submit page is always open.

Lastly, I was thinking about doing something special for all of you and I have a couple things in mind, but I have to wait to see if I can actually pull them off first.





The final is here!

And the last bribe is…

I will commit to a DVD commentary of two chapters from book three, as chosen by you all in some sort of mega poll of awesome when the book comes out!

Voting is open until 10 PM CST.

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