How did you find Captive Prince?

I got recommended it from webfictionguide.

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  1. didwolf answered: Someone on the comic Teahouse had poster the link. Best link i have ever clicked on.
  2. nyn17 answered: I believe I saw it mentioned in the comments on a kink meme, something like “hey I can take UST, I have been reading Captive Prince” xD
  3. rhimineecat21 answered: saw it on the list on goodreads as the no.1 rated unpublished original slash
  4. junie-junette answered: A French friend of mine : D She forced me to read it and… I don’t know how to thank her!
  5. vileseagulls answered: Multiple people talking about it on Twitter.
  6. fayheyhey answered: it was recced on the Teahouse webcomic
  7. bewareofslashers answered: Whispered Words archive and am so pleased I took a chance and clicked the link to the story.
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