What country are you from?

I’m curious about where most of the fandom is from.

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    I’d like to add another vote for Australia… altho technically I’m in France now. But when I was reading the story I was...
  3. 3bluenights answered: Romania
  4. misslysanna answered: Germany
  5. keichin answered: California, USA
  6. seoulmatesyo answered: usa
  7. breedingpurpose answered: France ! :) with love~
  8. thanatosplaythings answered: Australia
  9. starlingprince-archive answered: US!
  10. desponsa answered: Australia
  11. tedkordisanasshole answered: Czech + 2 more readers from here :DD
  12. secret-nature answered: Italy
  13. plainwater answered: USA
  14. melitot answered: North Italy :D
  15. seanfiction answered: Germany
  16. feverfewm answered: Germany
  17. lianesque answered: Germany
  18. calanthe answered: England!
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